Marcel's Ghost

my name is matt. i'm a Bristol based textile artist, weaver, animator and general ner-do-well. I pack sex toys for a living


The work above is that of Roanna Wells. She uses stitching techniques to create elaborate pieces of art. Her work is abstract and her assortment of stitches reminds me vaguely of the marks made in Van Gogh’s ink paintings. The different toned threads creates pieces with much depth and loose precision to create a very unique piece of work. The stitches she uses includes: chain stitch, running stitch and some small singular stiches plus many more. Her work is done on a large scale taking weeks to create a single piece, when many of her works come in collections or sets. I look forward to delving deeper in to the study of her work in textile design and allow it to inspire me throughout my studies and in my mark making techniques.

(via tansyandtwine)